Our charcoal. How it’s made?

The wood we use always comes
from controlled pruning, never
indiscriminate felling (the charcoal
of most other brands comes from
South America and about 80% of it
from the cutting of wood in native
forests). Fergón uses always fast
growth local woods, ensuring
a sustainable, efficient
and ecological production.


The woods are processed
by slow cooking in high
technology ovens that strategically
graduate the oxygen supply.
The result? Charcoals with higher
fixed carbon content, higher
calorific values, less volatile

contaminants and residues
(ash, impurities...) making them,
therefore, perfect charcoals
for barbecue.

and packaging

We choose only large
pieces of charcoal, from
20 mm (upwards), removing all
soot, and sand and small pieces.
Then the bags are palletized
and cleaned with air guns.
This way, you always
receive a clean product
free of soot and dirt