Why our charcoal has the highest quality?


Being registered with the ECHA is a
prerequisite to manufacture, pack or
distribute charcoal in the European Union
since 2012. The European Union has already
begun to inspect businesses, prohibit sales
and remove from store shelves unregistered
products. In 2013 widespread inspections are
expected in all products under REACh.

Over 80% of BBQ charcoal consumed in
Europe comes from South America. And from this, the
vast majority is manufactured through semi craft tradional
processes in clay ovens that only obtain a concentration of fixed
carbon of 60 to 70%. In Fergon, our high-tech industrial ovens
(metal lined and refractory bricks with high alumina) with controlled
supply of oxygen, obtain up to 92% fixed carbon, more calorific
values and less tar, ash and impurities.

So we amply meet European
standards UNE-EN-1860-2 (more than 75% fixed carbon),
as well as very demanding DIN Plus (80%). We are also
approved and registered under REACH *:

* (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances) to record in the ECHA
(European Chemicals Agency) No. 01-2119933797-22-0000.